Tuesday, March 20

79/365 Some New Additions

When we got married we were blessed to have been given some lovely pieces of furniture.  That was now almost 20 years ago and so we decided it might be nice to do a little updating.  Today we got our two lovely pieces of furniture delivered.  And we are looking forward to having these in our home for at least another 20 more years. Next time to update that very old stereo that doesn't always work so well:)

Monday, March 19

78/365 Dinner Time

I usually make Monday meals easy after a day of shopping and baking. The last thing I feel like is a complex meal.  So on tonights menu was Speedy Spinach Pesto which was so simple, required little preparation and was full of healthy greens. I think that simple dishes are often the best, they surely are my favourite to make.

Sunday, March 18

77/365 Corners of my yard

Looking from my backyard, down into my vegetable garden, through the arbour is one of my favourite little corners of my yard.

76/365 In the Garden

There was a flurry of activity on Saturday outside.  I managed to get out into the front garden and do some weeding and mulching.  It is such a good feeling to see things looking nice and neat again. My hubby got out there too, being super productive trimming hedges, trees and mowing. Pictured are some sweet alyssum and looking up through the jasmine tree. How has your weekend been?