Saturday, February 24


We decided to brave the miserable weather and go out for the day together to the Mind Body Spirit Festival.  We wandered up and down the isles stopping to look at the crystals, take in the smells and get a little taste test too.  My youngest and I both had an aura photo taken which was fun and interesting.  After our wander we needed some lunch so headed to West End for a quick bite to eat and came across this gorgeous plant shop.  My youngest wanted me to take a photo of her so I plucked up the courage to ask the person working there if we could take an picture and she was more than happy for us to which was nice.  Did you do anything different over the weekend?

Friday, February 23

54/365 Tea Time

It has been a rainy couple of days here.  Perfect weather for a delicious cup of caffeine free chai tea with some raw honey and coconut milk, delish.

Thursday, February 22

53/365 Handmade Beauty

I just recently finished my jar of moisturiser and so when I was close by my favourite shop Biome I stopped in to collect some supplies.  They also sell beautiful amber bottles.  I use mine to store my oil face cleanser.  I hope to make some of my own room spray next, now to buy more diy supplies.

52/365 Ivy

This beautiful ivy, a gift from my neighbour when my Nan passed away also named Ivy.  Do you see the glistening on the leaf? What a beautiful pattern, almost like a hexagon quilt.