Saturday, July 11


 Today was a beautiful day.
Today I was able to meet a wonderful lady called Bron who I met through blogging some time ago now. 
Today we chatted over hot chocolate about life and our families like we were old friends.
Thank you for today Bron I had such a beautiful time meeting you.
Thank you for catching up with me, taking the time out of your holiday and for your lovely family making it possible.
Enjoy your holiday, may you create lots of wonderful memories.

Wednesday, July 8

Bayside wanderings

 Time alone, to chat, to eat, to explore, to take a long walk and just be us.
The clean fresh air, the new surroundings, the beautiful old homes Sandgate you were lovely to visit this Winters day.

Tuesday, July 7

Down by the beach

 It's been a while since we have been to the beach for a visit so while my hubby is on holidays we made the drive to go.  My girls love the beach and although it is Winter they certainly didn't mind going in and having a swim.  I'm not into beach swimming much but a long walk along the beach keeps me happy.  So after lunch of fish and chips there was a nice walk along the beach before we packed up and went for home.  As nice as it is to go to the beach it sure is nice to be home too. Thanks for the beautiful weather Winter.

A walk in the park

 We always make a trip into the city each holidays.
We have wander around the Botanical Gardens and spot to have lunch and enjoy the view.
Then if we feel up to it we do a bit of window shopping, sometimes I can convince the girls to go to the Art Gallery too but we didn't this time.
It really is just a simple day but a day to spend together, relaxing and getting out of the house which they love.
I'm hoping that they will remember this when they are older and smile.