Thursday, December 11


Today I took the girls out to the movies for a holiday treat. We took our bottles of water, fruit and a chocolate or two that they received as a gift the day before. I love having children and going to the movies with them, they really are so much fun.  When we came out of the movies the sky was dark, just waiting to rain.  Almost all afternoon it rained.  The sun came out briefly and when I saw it hit the rain it almost looked like fairy lights, it was beautiful. The rain is still falling softly, I hope it continues when it's time for bed, I love the sound of it on my tin roof.  I am so grateful for the rain we are receiving, bringing back life into my garden once again.

Wednesday, December 10


Another week has passed me by and I'm sitting here and my mind has gone blank.. I do remember I have been a little crafty this week. I have all of my Christmas cards finished, sitting there waiting for me to write on them. I am pleased they are finished, the plan to have them posted by the 1st of December has gone out the window sadly.   Have you noticed though that people don't send out cards like they used to?  I used to get so many but over the last few years I have gotten much fewer, I still love the tradition of sending them out. We've had some rain this week.  A couple of storms, nothing serious but certainly welcome relief. The grass I think turned green before my eyes, it has been wonderful to see again.  My Miss 15 got her first part time job.  She works just a few hours a week in a little shop. It will be good for her, confidence building, independence and most of all money for her to enjoy how she wishes.  I am starting to feel old though, my first born going out to work, how can this be...We went to the park down by the river the other morning after dropping off Molly for a clip.  It was quiet, peaceful, we just sat together and chatted and had morning tea together.  A perfect morning with my girls uninterrupted, a little different to our park visits when they were younger, fun just the same. Enjoy the rest of your week I hope it's a wonderful one.

Tuesday, December 2


Today marks the second day of December, how can that be we are so near to the end of the year.
Last week went by so fast Miss 10 had her end of year presentation night, a long night, one full of speeches and entertainment and proud Mum moments. There were many class parties, teacher gifts to buy, uniforms bought and ready for the new year, a bit of Christmas shopping done for the girls and friends to say goodbye to.  Last week was definitely an emotional one to see my girls grow another school year older, Miss 15 will be going into year 11 and Miss 10 into year 6.  And then dear friends we have come to know over the last 3 years are moving away. It is so sad to see them go but I know the move will bring wonderful things into their lives.  We now have friends to visit in country Victoria but not only that I am grateful to a beautiful family who have taught me so much and were always there when I needed them, I will miss them. There has been much activity outside in preparation for Christmas day, cleaning, raking, planting, binning and trimming, it's looking lovely and neat now for some rain to make it green! Last night we put up the tree and filled the advent calendar with lollies and activities to do over the coming month and took our Christmas family photo.  I also need to get some Christmas list making done, cards made and posted and more shopping done, the day will be here before we know it.  How has your week been?  Are you feeling organised or do you have lots left on your list to do? Have you put your tree up or do you wait till the 1st of December?
Happy December everyone!!!

Saturday, November 22

324-326/365 'Caroling'

Christmas has well and truly arrived here.  Miss 10 had her schools yearly carols and boy was she super excited to be dressing up with as many Christmas accessories as she could find, bells, tie, earrings and hat.  It was a lovely night, just the right amount of breeze offered a cool change after the hot day we had. We stood beside friends and together watched our girls perform singing with smiles on their faces.  I will miss this next year for they are moving away, it's hard saying goodbye to good people but so grateful to have had them in our lives.